Our History

Alcorp Starta Management

Alcorp Strata Management is a family owned and operated provider offering personal service. Our aim is to ensure the best possible experience for our clients. The key to achieving this is our reputation for outstanding professionalism.

We provide professional strata management services for residential, commercial and industrial properties including multi-storey buildings, townhouse developments, and mixed use complexes.

At strata management we provide:

A dedicated manager assigned to each development – Ensuring prompt attention from someone who knows your development well.

Specialised staff – we have people who focus on different areas of strata management so they are experts in their field and extremely knowledgeable.

With our focus on personal service, we have an outstanding record of client satisfaction. Our clients are not just a number to us. Our friendly staff are always available to assist our clients with any matters concerning the management of their property.

01. Quality Results

The Infinity management team provide skills in labour resources which enable the delivery of cost effective and quality results for our clients.

02. Experienced Team

Management, supervisors, engineers, and laborers possess a wealth of experience and strive to achieve and deliver quality assurance to the highest expectation.

03. Certified

We pride ourselves on safety, experience, knowledge, and passion for high quality workmanship with fast turnaround times.

Meet The Team

Alcop Strata Management are here to serve you with your Strata requirements. Whether you would like more information on how to appoint Alcorp to your organization or if you simply need more information, please feel free to get in touch with one of our friendly team members who can assist you further.

Strata Licensee

Bronwyn Clark

Member of the Institute of Strata Title Management
Working in the Real Estate Management Industry since 1989
Licensed Strata Manager
Justice of the Peace
Strata Manager

Cheryl Glanville

Member of the Institute of Strata Title Management
Working in the Real Estate Management Industry since 1984
Licensed Strata Manager
Licensed Real Estate Agent
Licensed Auctioneer
Justice of the Peace
Admin Manager

Cath Philips

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We provide our services to all of Greater Sydney

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